" Welcome to "Golden Heart Clumber Spaniels" 
Having been in the breed since 2006,  I currently have two wonderful dogs.
Pictured with the Duke of Newcastle at our CSCA National Specialty Show at Shawnee-on-Delaware, PA are to the left:
                                                      ~ TATER ~
                    "Am. Silver Grand Ch. & UKC Gr. Ch.Whitehawk Nonsuch Wessex C"
     In Nov. 2014, 4 months shy of his 9th birthday, Tater became the 7th Clumber to
     earn the Silver Grand Champion title.  In Dec. we showed out the year where he then retired
     from the regular breed ring (to occasion Veteran classes).  He retired at #6 in the country, with        only 1 point separating the two dogs before him.  Not bad for just a dog and his "mom!
                                                      wh: 3/29/06  
    breeder/co-owner: Victoria "Moira" Simmonds,  Whitehawk Clumbers,  Armstrong, BC, Canada
    to the right:
                                                   ~ PEARLY MAE ~
                                      "Am.Gr. Ch. & UKC Ch. King's Valhalla"
                                                      wh:  9/07/06      
   breeders: John & Naiza  Woodlief,  King Clumbers,Davie, Florida  and Valerie Lovins, Casmir             Clumbers, Florida
   (photo by Naiza Woodlief)
   Pearly,  solely owned by Golden Heart, retired after finishing her Am.Grand Ch. title AFTER raising    her only litter.  At that time she was then put into a puppy clip so she would know she was
   permanently retired!
   My goal is to not only produce a Clumber with outstanding show qualities, but outstanding  temperment, health and personality that will first and foremost make them loved and devoted family members.
(I will be adding many photos and pedigrees as I continue to work on my site.  Come back to check it out!)
 ** Breeding planned fall 2017 with their daughter, "Am Gr.Ch. Golden Heart's Fat-Bottomed Girl" -- Fanny Mae.   I have my eye on one of several beautiful boys from the same kennel, will announce baby-daddy when breeding is complete!**