( Int'l Ch. Spice Twice Athos (Finland)  x  Am Ch. Casmir's Double UR Pleasure )

Breeders: John Woodlief,  King Clumbers                                Born: Sept. 7, 2006
Photo by Naiza Woodlief                                                             Valerie Lovins, Casmir Clumbers
Davie, FL         

              Owners:  Golden Heart Clumbers       

"Pearl" also has many nicknames...... Pearly Mae, Mae Mae,  Who Da'Mae Mae, 'Pooder,   Tankgirl,
  and Chunk a Wunka!   Also "N'onion" -- as in Pearl Onion.  lol . 

Pearl is the result of a breeding of frozen semen from International Ch. Spice Twice Athos ("Snow") in Finland out of Am.Ch. Casmir's Double UR Pleasure ("Endora") in Florida, co-owned by John Woodlief and Valerie Lovins .

She was offered to us just before 7 months of age.   She became Tater's playmate, companion, "love of his life" and my good girl to Tater's demon dawg!      At her first shows, a 5 day cluster, she won the Puppy class 3 of 5 days,  after having never set foot in a show ring before.  While she would rather just sit in her crate and hang at the shows,  she has put up with my nonsense of making her play showdog.  Once she steps into a ring,  she becomes a pro.    She quickly started racking up points, and once we could find those elusive majors,  she became my first Am.Ch. bitch! 

After promising her to retire, I then brought her out at the local UKC shows where she did us proud by not only quickly finishing her UKC Ch. but earning Group placements at all four shows!   
A few weeks after finishing her Am.Ch. she was moved up as a Special to show under Finnish judge, Hannele Jokisilta.   As I was showing Tater as a Special, I asked a friend, Sue Carter to show Pearl.  She was busy with her  St. Bernard and passed me over to her friend, Kim Turner.    With just Tater, 6 class dogs and 1 class bitch, Kim and Pearl pulled off an upset by going Best of Breed her first show as a Special.    She has continued to be Specialed off and on over the years, always handled by now co-owner, Kim Turner.

As of Feb. 2012,  Pearl  currently has 19 of the 25 Grand Ch. points needed, with 2 of the 3 required major wins.  I hope to bring her back out in July to finish her third AND (I promise, Mae Mae!),  her final title and will give her her long promised retirement to just be a "dog". 

Pearl is a "lemon" Clumber, with beautiful markings that give her a definite soft, girly look.  She has short powerful legs ,  a front to die for, powerful chest and shoulders and a long body.   She has the sweetest temperment, loves to just sit in the yard and watch the world go by and watch the neighborhood kitties.  When she has to be inside,  one of her favorite activities is watching her big screen tv....... cartoons and Animal Planet, please, on her personal futon!    

We are excited to see the Tatertots she is carrying...........  this is a long awaited linebreeding that I hope will set the "type" I want in my kennel.    Puppies are due March 27th !!   Stay tuned for updates and pics and of course, contact me if interested.    GoldenHeart1977@aol.com

Pearl is:  CERF: Clear (Nov. 2011)
                Pdp1 : Clear (both parents clear)                                                                
       "Am.Grand Ch. / Ukc Champion
                 King's Valhalla, CGC "
Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y

"Golden Heart
    Clumber Spaniels"