Recommended Supply
(this is a huge company that carries everything from grooming supplies to crates and toys at big discount prices!)
(independently owned supply company that specializes in agility equipment but has toys, treats, supplements, etc )
dog shows in New England! 
-- for Parvaid, Vibactra Plus, and many other herbal product combos I highly recommend to keep on hand.     
-- All of my dogs of all ages are fed totally raw,  puppies weaned to raw (will offer Fromm for new owners to transition if wanted)...... are given the following supplements at least 5 days a week.

PHYTOFLEX for muscle and joint support in our heavy breed.
MUSCLE BUILDER to keep good strong muscle tone to support the heavy bodies they will grow into and help their hip joints.
PROBIOTIC MAX for digestion.
organic CORPUCONIA for a nice blend of powdered veggies etc
Natures Farmacy has many excellent products.
While this seems like a LOT of supplements,  I never give the adults the full rec. doses.   As each dog gets a slightly different amount of raw food, they sometimes get a different dose of supplement.  Some days they get a little of each, other days, just a couple of them, or extra depending if one needs it.   I do HIGHLY rec. the vit C  DAILY and Probiotic Max.

from Amazon I always buy SODIUM ASCORBATE , a crystalline form of vit. C by Nutrobiotics.  1/4 tea min. a day EVERY day!   You can give higher doses and never overdose!  Vit C is one vitamin where any excess the body does not need is flushed out in urine.