Recommended Sites
The following is a list of sites I highly recommend to read which shows why I have been rearing my dogs in an All-Natural method.   Included at this point is also websites for holistic and homeopathic products.
I will add notes to what products I use for the Clumbers and found to be highly effective.  Keep checking back as I get myself organized and add more!
Below is an ad done by the yahoo & Facebook group I have been a member of for over 10 years -- celebrating two of their totally Natural, raw-fed dogs going to The Garden in 2012.
    (explains raw feeding and vaccine concerns)   (flower remedies) (Australian Bush Flower                         Remedies)  (owned by Dr. Stephen Blake             DVM ,  an advocate for truly healthy animals the ALL natural way! )  Sells New Zealand colostrum and  Gemmotherapy many other all natural products)
products I use for the clumbers and recommend are:
PHYTOFLEX -- for joint support
MUSCLE BUILDER -- for muscle support for that heavy body on short legs.   There are several other products at Natures Farmacy I use according to what is needed for each individual dog.
(I  Nutrimin, for dogs, daily.  It is a bentonite clay based product that improves digestion, stimulates the immune system, removes fungus, yeast, bacteria and mycotoxins, maintains healthy teeth and gums, helps to build strong bones and joints and helps joint pain.  Clay has long been used to detox poisons from the body.)
(carries many great holistic products I always keep on hand,  particularly PARVAID & VIBACTRA)
(carry Bach FLower Remedies, Australian Bush Flower Remedies, plus many other all natural items.)
(altho these products are advertised for horses, I have used them successfully on dogs -- just lower recommended dosages)
(to join and we also have links to All Natural Breeders)
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