I was previously involved with Golden Retrievers from 1977 - 2005.  Showing in the breed ring and obedience, many of my dogs earned Champion titles as well as obedience and the then new AKC Canine Good Citizen titles.  
I had always been fond of the "rare" Clumber Spaniel.  It wasn't until the famous "Brady" won Best in Show at The Garden that I realized there really were breeders of these wonderful dogs out there producing outstanding showdogs.  I then started my search for a breeder and found Moira Simmonds of "Whitehawk Clumbers" in British Columbia, Canada.  We both shared the belief of raising our dogs as natural and holistically as possible for optimum health, vitality and longevity.   It was a long four year wait for my first puppy.
"Tater" arrived at 12 weeks the end of June 2006.  I could not have asked for a better Clumber to start my life in this breed.  Moira promised me the best boy she had and  did an exceptional job socializing all the puppies.  He came to me full of confidence and with an obvious plan to make me the servant for all his needs!  lol    He truely was the best puppy I  ever had -- never cried at night,  always amused himself and came to me when he felt I needed  a little attention.  He truely was a puppy who allowed ME to share his world !
Our "Pearly Mae" came to us unexpectedly from King Clumbers in Florida in April 2007 after being offered at 7 months of age.   Tater was in love with her the instant he saw her unloaded from her crate at the airport.   She has been an added joy in our lives and is the sweetest girl you could ask for.   Where Tater is my Demon Dawg, plotting and keeping me on my toes,  Pearly Mae is the sweetest girl, just happy to hang with her family, snooze in the backyard and watch the world go by .
It's been a wild and wonderful learning experience in the world of Clumbers.  They definitely have personality like no other !!
After 20+ years in Goldens,  I found my way to an All Natural way of life for my dogs after way too many health problems caused by over-vaccination.   My dogs are no-vaxed / or puppy vax only and completely raw fed -- raw meat, organ meat and bone only (no grains, cereals or fillers).  I also do not ever use chemical products on them like Advantix, etc.  and do not use chemical products in my home or yard.   Breeders who follow the  Natural Rearing (NR) methods live by the heartfelt belief that if the dog is not poisoned by chemicals, vaccines or processed dog food,  their immune system is healthier to fight any virus they may come in contact with.  
As I slowly build my site,  I will add info and links on the no-vax, NR way of life and why it makes sense for a healthier animal.
I have been a member since 2000 of http://aunaturelk9s.com .
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